Should You Rent Your Home?

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Should You Rent Out Your Vacation Home?

  • You find a great job in another state.
  • Do you sell or rent your home?
  • Think about reasons for maintaining ownership. Do you want to keep the home in case you ever move back? Are you looking for a tax break through property depreciation?
  • Do you want the home as a retirement investment?
  • On the other hand, are you prepared to be a long-distance landlord? There are other costs involved as well, often running 30-40% of income before the monthly mortgage cost.
  • If you decide to rent the home, call me? I'll help you with ideas & resources for including interior and exterior painting and patching, carpet cleaning, appliance tune-up, ensuring adequate insulation, and fixing what needs fixing. 

Let me help you with the decision by helping you figure out your true wants & needs. 

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